The (ag)UM

The Lagum project (ERDF) is a participatory action research project on urban agriculture (UA) and brings together 3 actors: Refresh Brussels, the Commune of Ixelles and the ULB Agroecology Laboratory.


The roof, which is a research space dedicated to La gum, is intended to be a showcase for urban agriculture in Brussels. And in addition to flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables! Through bio-intensive production, training and various educational materials, they wish to encourage visitors to think about the various issues of urban agriculture and its many dimensions. This place of popularisation concerns not only the research carried out by the project but also the themes specific to urban agriculture.


The ambition of this space is to be a weaver of links: bridges between the multitude of actors in urban agriculture who participate in local resilience. These historical connections go beyond the urban framework of Brussels to our Belgian lands and even beyond. Lagum therefore supports a reconnection of the urban space with nature, these complex, varied and endangered ecosystems.

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