Vivaqua is the main water supplier in Belgium. The company supplies water to the municipalities (grouped into Intercommunal companies) and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of their water distribution network.


HYDROBRU, Intercommunale Bruxelloise pour la Distribution de l'Eau, distributes water to the inhabitants of the 19 communes of Brussels. Every quarter, you are charged a fixed amount according to your consumption. Once a year, you will receive the final bill. You will either have to pay more or receive a refund. Plan to make the connections via a professional a few days before your installation.


  • If the house is new or empty, the water may have been cut off and the meter stopped. In this case, a HYDROBRU technician should be called. Check if all bills have been paid by the previous occupants and ask where the meters are located!


  • Usually, the only procedure to follow will be to fill in a "contradictory reading" form which can be obtained from the HYDROBRU website. It will be up to you to write down the number displayed on the meter and return the original document to HYDROBRU. It must be signed by you AND by the previous tenant or owner. These two signatures are sufficient to guarantee the figure from which the water consumption will be charged to you.


In Brussels, a single company manages the distribution of water to private individuals.


The water is constantly monitored by the accredited and approved VIVAQUA laboratory, day after day, throughout its journey. You can drink it with confidence.


Good to know


Every day, HYDROBRU delivers 165,000 m of water to the 19 Brussels municipalities via 2,200 km of pipes. For the maintenance of your machines, you should know that the water in Brussels is very calcareous.


Good to know


If you are lucky enough to be able to transfer meters with your predecessors, here is where to download these documents:


Water meter in Brussels / Meter reading form to download here :




You can also make an appointment for someone to come and take the reading (at your expense) by calling 02 518 88 08

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