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Obviously, taking advantage of the services of a relocation agency when you arrive in a new country, whatever it may be, is invaluable and will save you stress and wasted time, as well as enabling you to benefit immediately from the right connections. The quality of your installation and the speed of your integration will be the primary beneficiaries.
Here's how they work:


  • EuRA is a European and worldwide organisation of mobility professionals which, through its quality label, guarantees professionalism and guaranteed services.
  • ABRA is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of members of the Belgian relocation sector.


Relocation agencies are there to help individuals or families make their first days in Belgium as pleasant as possible. It is also important that the employee who arrives, in the case of a professional move, is quickly efficient. Relocation agencies can take care of finding accommodation, signing the lease, subscribing to water, gas, electricity, telephone and internet services, registering with the local council, obtaining a work permit, importing the car, registering with the school and contacting the removal company ..... And all the details that follow these steps. Everything is possible.


These agencies preferably work independently of any property interests and will guide you through the process of settling in even before you arrive in Belgium. The size of the agency will not determine the quality of the service. Some of the agencies below have just one person, others several dozen. Your choice will depend on the type of service you require. You should be aware that the largest agencies also provide expatriate administration management and business set-up services.


Relocating a person or family :


Relocating can be a stressful and confusing experience, even for the most experienced expatriates. Finding the right accommodation, schools and other facilities has a major impact on how quickly and easily you settle into your new home. A specialist relocation agent will help you with the key elements of your relocation, such as visiting the house, rental agreements, registering with the local council, work permits, importing your car, school registrations, etc.


Relocating your international employees


Similarly, as an expatriate employer, you want to be sure that your international employees get off to a good start. Doesn't the success of an assignment abroad depend on how quickly employees and their families feel at home in their new community? International mobility specialists can help you with all kinds of practical and technical advice, from immigration to cost-of-living allowances and even the development of your mobility programme. It's worth exploring the many options available to you before making any major decisions.


Relocation agencies


Relocation agencies are independent and will guide you through the entire moving process, even before you arrive in Belgium. The quality of the service they offer does not depend on the size of the agency. Some agencies are run by a single person, others have a dozen employees. Your choice will depend on the type of service that suits you best. Larger agencies also provide administrative management or company establishment services.


Professional body for the sector


ABRA - The Association of Belgian Relocation Agents - is the professional body for organisations that are active in the relocation and global mobility sector. ABRA members are not only "Relocation Agents", but can be insurers, banks, real estate agencies, international schools. The ABRA website is well worth a visit to discover the services available to you when moving to Belgium.


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