In general, the purchase is done in two steps:


1 /Signature of a compromise and payment of a deposit agreed between the two parties. The presence of the notary is not obligatory, but is strongly recommended. Please note that, except for any restrictions specifically mentioned, it represents a definitive commitment on the part of both the seller and the buyer,


2/ The notarial deed must be signed within a maximum of four months after the preliminary sales agreement. You will have to pay extra:


  • registration fees (12.5% of the purchase price in the Brussels region),

  • notary fees which are subject to VAT of 21%. .


As soon as you become the owner of a property, you must pay a tax to the state called "précompte immobilier". This tax will be charged directly to you by the municipal administration. The amount of this tax depends on the location of the property and the composition of your household. (Don't forget to ask your notary about the legislation on inheritance and donations, as it is certainly different from that of your country. You should know that the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries provides free information on almost all matters for which you need to go before a notary: purchase, loan, marriage, death, etc.


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Good to know


Be careful with the promise to purchase! It commits you irrevocably to buying the property but does not commit the seller. So be careful, don't think the deal is done.


Good to know


In Belgium, properties for sale ('te koop' in NL) or for rent ('te huur' in NL) are indicated on the outside of the building, either by posters from the agency in charge of the building or by an official black and orange poster.


Whether you are renting or selling, we strongly recommend that you always use a professional intermediary. They are fully aware of the legislation in our country. They will help you to avoid possible disputes which could later lead to unexpected costs. In the event of a dispute, you should refer to the Justice of the Peace.


New, an online property valuation site


An easy-to-use and user-friendly site Individuals can now get an objective opinion on the value of a home.


Whether it is a property for sale or for rent. By entering the postcode of the desired location, the Internet user navigates from one step to the next, encoding the data of the accommodation targeted by his search (house, villa, flat, studio, apartment building).


Easy to use, the tool provides an initial evaluation of a residential property according to a series of criteria such as the type of property, the number of bedroom(s), the living area, the general condition of the building, the size of the land and its orientation, etc. Once the questionnaire has been completed, the Internet user receives a free initial opinion of value.

For a very attractive price, he receives a detailed report mentioning, among other things, the precise value of the property, points of comparison (if available) or the evolution of prices in his commune. Quick and objective, the estimate given on a property can be completed by the visit of an independent expert. This service is provided by ImmoPriceExpert, which offers a valuation report signed by the property expert within 3 working days of the visit to the property.


Various targets The new site is aimed at private individuals who want to get an idea of the market or rental value of a property. Anyone wishing to sell/buy or rent/lease a property can calculate the value of the property themselves. "The basic idea is to offer a service that is accessible to private individuals, but it is in no way intended to replace the work of an expert or estate agent.


The individual can form his or her own opinion on the value of a property and thus be better equipped to discuss it with a professional in the trade.


Indeed, the private individual - whether buyer, seller or owner -, better informed, will thus be able to approach the real estate market with more relevance and put his property up for sale or rent at a price in line with the reality of the market.






EPB certificate


Energy performance of buildings


The EPB certificate of a property is what could be called an "energy score". It is required for every property.


The law requires an EPB certificate when you put your property up for sale or rent. Energy experts are responsible for the inspection leading to the issue of an EPB certificate.


It is therefore important to have a good score and to use an approved certifier.


The price of the inspection depends on the type of accommodation: for a studio apartment, you will pay on average between 120 and 250 euros for an inspection leading to the issue of the EPB.


The ILL certificate is valid for 10 years.


The EPB certifier goes through the property from top to bottom ... everything is inspected.


The score on PEB gives the buyer or tenant an idea of the energy cost of the property.


It also provides an overview of the investments that should be considered to reduce energy costs.


In your sale or rental advertisement, it is compulsory to indicate the EPB score. Potential tenants or buyers will immediately see this value.


Where to find an approved certifier?



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