Participatory gardens in Etterbeek

The Etterbeek project was developed in several phases, the first of which was inaugurated in 2010 and is known as the Jardins Participatifs d'Etterbeek. These gardens extend over 2700m2 along the railway tracks.

Each area of the garden (apiary, pond, fallow land, orchard, vegetable gardens, compost, permaculture) is supervised by an association with a social and/or environmental character. The associations therefore manage their plots autonomously, organise activities open to the public or work on the integration and participation of local residents.

All Etterbeekers and inhabitants of Brussels can either get actively involved in the life of the project or participate in the various activities (training in pruning fruit trees, training in grafting, honey harvesting workshop, seed harvesting workshop, activities around the lamare, mowing the fallow land, etc.).

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