Family Planning and Sexology Centre of Ixelles

In Brussels, the whole team of the Ixelles family planning office welcomes you in complete confidentiality to answer your questions about your emotional and sexual life, such as contraception, desired or unwanted pregnancies, abortion, sexually transmitted infections, etc.


At the reception desk you can make an appointment to see a gynaecologist, have an STI screening, obtain a morning-after pill, take a pregnancy test, etc.


Medical, legal, social, psychological, sexological and marital and family counselling are available.


Family planning takes care of unwanted pregnancies by setting up a medical and psychological support structure. Our abortion consultations provide access to both the medical and vacuum methods.


At the family planning centre, reception is an activity in its own right and represents an important part of the centre's life. It is part of a multidisciplinary team that takes into account the different parameters of a request; the reception is systematic, we take the time necessary to listen to the physical, psychological, legal or social problems of the client.


Our multidisciplinary team consists of psychotherapists, marriage counsellors, doctors, gynaecologists, sexologists, social workers and a lawyer.


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