Red Cross Ixelles

A key player in the field of humanitarian action, the Belgian Red Cross is constantly fighting to alleviate human suffering and prevent humanitarian crises.


Our missions


  • Preventing medico-psycho-social crises and helping to resolve them through education, training and our presence on the ground.
  • Combating isolation and marginalisation by strengthening social ties between people,
  • Encouraging tolerance by respecting the cultural diversity of our society,
  • In line with its founding values, fulfil structural missions mandated by the public authorities.


The objects and missions of the Belgian Red Cross


  • To act in the event of armed conflict, and to prepare for it in peacetime, in all areas covered by the Geneva Conventions on behalf of all victims of war, whether civilian or military.
  • To help improve health, prevent disease and alleviate suffering through training and self-help programmes for the general public.
  • Participating in the organisation of emergency relief services for victims of disasters of any kind, both internationally and nationally.
  • To recruit, train and assign the staff needed to carry out the tasks assigned to it.
  • To promote the participation of all, especially young people, in Red Cross activities.
  • To propagate the fundamental principles of the Movement and of international humanitarian law in order to develop, within the population, the ideals of peace, mutual respect and understanding between all men and all peoples.


Auxiliary to public authorities


The law of 30 March 1891 granted civil status to the Belgian Red Cross Association and recognised it as an auxiliary to the army health service. The National Society was recognised as being in the public interest in 1945. Today, the Belgian Red Cross is the auxiliary of the public authorities in all their humanitarian activities, in accordance with its statutes.

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