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Multicultural Brussels


Officially two languages are spoken in Brussels, French (the majority) and Dutch. Fortunately, you will be surprised to find that Belgians speak English very well, and when you walk down the street, you will hear all the languages of the world. Brussels is above all a multicultural city. The headquarters of the major international organisations and everything that revolves around them enrich the city with dozens of nationalities. You're sure to find friends! And to top it all off, Brussels remains a human-sized capital.


Education has adapted and Brussels is home to a large number of international schools. Higher education in English is not left behind.


Brussels housing


Accommodation is affordable compared to other major capitals. You will find accommodation without difficulty. The offer is generally of good quality and varied, and if the centre of Brussels offers beautiful flats or "Brussels houses" with a small patch of greenery, the slightly more outlying communes offer beautiful gardens.


Brussels, the centre of Europe


Belgium is a small country, but it borders on four countries: Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Here you are not far from anything, you can cross several countries in one weekend. A dense network of motorways makes travelling easy. The airports of Zaventem and Brussels South Charleroi offer good connections. The fast trains TGV, Thalys, ... also.


Green Brussels


Brussels is certainly a green capital. Although urbanisation has not always been successful, the Forêt de Soignes (on the edge of the city) and the Bois de la Cambre (in the city) provide a place to escape. But there are also a large number of beautifully laid-out and well-maintained parks in each of the Brussels municipalities.


Walks in Brussels


Nothing is more fun than visiting Brussels. You will be fascinated by the old Brussels dating from the 17th century, the numerous art deco and art nouveau houses, the majestic buildings initiated by the king-builder Leopold II, the bruxellisation of the 60's, the murals inspired by comics, the multitude of museums, the possibility of visiting Brussels, on foot, by bike, by jogging, by 2CV, by boat .... From Manneken Pis to the Atomium, not forgetting the comic book murals in the streets of Brussels, you'll never be done!


Brussels, its gourmet specialities


And some other specialities.


Brussels waffles: a light, crispy pastry with a choice of fillings, the last of which is a savoury topping, will delight you.

Speculoos: flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, brown sugar, you are probably already familiar with them as they are becoming increasingly popular beyond our borders.


Chips: the baraque à frites? You'll find them everywhere in the capital, you'll go crazy for them! They are always good, a competition forces them to quality. Every year there is an election for the best "Fritkot"... to be continued.


Beer: Belgians produce more than ... different kinds. Micro-breweries that produce their own beer and let you taste it on the spot are flourishing in the capital. A museum is dedicated to it and the former Brussels Stock Exchange will soon be transformed into the "Belgian Beer Palace".


Having fun in Brussels


Brussels is a festive city. The Brussels-Capital Region spares no effort in animating and offering the population entertainment, festivals, shows, running races in the city and parks throughout the year and particularly during the summer months. Private initiatives do not spare any effort either. The cultural life is rich and gives an important place to the avant-garde. There is never a dull moment in Brussels.


Moving around Brussels


It must be said that mobility in Brussels is problematic. There is a lot of traffic jams at peak times. Construction work is omnipresent. Let's wait patiently until they are finished ... it will be paradise! The first beneficiaries will be the commuters who come into Brussels every day to work. But don't worry, public transport is working well and the trend of shared cars, bikes and scooters is booming! Soon everyone will be moving differently!


Health in Brussels


Belgium is fortunate to have a very efficient social security and health care system. You have the right to choose your doctor and they are generally very available. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get treatment.


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