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To the south-east of Brussels City, Ixelles has several faces. In the north, it combines the diversity of the European district (known as the Leopold district), the Porte de Namur-Toison d'or (big names and luxury shops), Matongé (a Congolese town in the city), Saint Boniface (a trendy place) and Flagey (a multi-ethnic corner). In the centre, you will find the Ixelles ponds. The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Ixelles cemetery, to the south-east, are the centres of a district where student life and restaurants are very much in evidence. On the other side of Avenue Louise, the Bailly-Châtelain district offers a number of small shops for bourgeois-bohemian customers.


From the Museums of Ixelles, Wiertz or Constantin Meunier to the "Varia" and "Marni" theatres and the inevitable Flagey, the municipality is full of cultural offerings. Tram and bus lines criss-cross this colourful municipality, where you can quickly move from mostly chic residential areas to neighbourhoods where you can party in a multi-cultural spirit. A walk around the Abbaye de la Cambre, along the Ixelles ponds, or on the days of the "organic" market on the nearby Place Flagey (Saturday and Sunday mornings) can be an exceptional moment.


Ixelles has a real estate stock that can be described as expensive for both houses and flats. Renting a flat is not cheap.


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Photos :  Pascal Abundes 

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