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The municipality is well served by tram, bus and railway lines (two stations: Schaerbeek to the north, Meiser to the south). The street names (painters, sculptors, etc.) and the face of Schaerbeek with its many Art Deco and Art Nouveau facades bear witness to a rich artistic past. The municipality still favours culture (www.1030culture. be): theatres (140, La Balsamine, Halles de Schaerbeek...), plastic arts (www.art1030.be)... are proof of this. There are a number of interesting museums, including the Train World Museum, the Spontaneous Arts Museum, etc. The Chaussée de Louvain has a number of large shops and a number of small shops and restaurants of various nationalities. Each district has a large shop, offering products adapted to its clientele.


Taste a pastry from "Van Dender" (Chaussée de Louvain). Take a walk on the Place des Chasseurs Ardennais at the market organised on Friday afternoons (1pm to 7pm); you will find, on the terrace or indoors, in a friendly and trendy atmosphere, something to drink around a quality restaurant. The prices of houses and especially flats are a little lower than in Brussels city. Rents are more affordable. But beware, it goes up!


Schaerbeek, probably because of its still attractive prices, is becoming more and more trendy and many young people are moving there.


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