Voting by foreigners

Europeans :


People who reside in Belgium as citizens of a current or future EU member state but who are not Belgian citizens can participate:


  • To the European Parliament elections in Belgium and vote for candidates on Belgian lists;
  • At the municipal election.




  • Possess the nationality of an EU state or future EU state.
  • Have your main residence in a Belgian municipality (be registered in the population register of the municipality of residence) 
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be registered on the electoral roll (once you are on the roll, you are legally obliged to vote).

Non-Europeans :

This right is a right to vote and not to stand for election, limited to communal elections.




  • Uninterrupted residence in Belgium for 5 years;
  • Complete the application form ;
  • Undertake in writing to respect the Belgian Constitution and laws.


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