Fixed Internet

Proximus serves the entire country. In addition to television, Proximus also offers DSL internet connections. Proximus customers (Internet or telephone) can also subscribe to Proximus TV.


Three other operators provide the Brussels-Capital Region: Voo, SFR and Telenet.

All also provide access to the internet and cable telephone.


Each municipality has an exclusive agreement with one of these providers, so at least for cable TV you will have to subscribe to the approved provider. Each provider offers analogue or digital television.


Internet and TV providers


All operators offer a combination of the three traditional services: television, internet and telephone. It is advisable to compare the offers proposed in order to find the one that best suits your profile. It is advisable to concentrate your requests with the same operator in order to benefit from interesting savings.



Starlink : 


C’est l’accès internet très haut débit par satellite. Ce projet  risque bien de révolutionner l’accès à internet dans le monde. Il s’agit de délivrer une offre d’accès internet relativement abordable à destination des zones inaccessibles, mal desservies, ou simplement trop périphériques pour disposer d’un accès internet digne de ce nom.


Lien :

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