Citizens of the European Union

Who are we talking about? EU citizens are citizens of the 28 Member States. The residence regime applied in Belgium to citizens of the European Union extends to citizens of Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.


All EU citizens (as well as persons authorised to reside in the Schengen area) may enter Belgian territory and stay there for a maximum of three months out of a six-month period, on the sole condition that they can prove their citizenship and declare their arrival to the municipal authorities of their place of residence in Belgium. 


To settle for more than three months : If you wish to live in Belgium for longer than three months, you must apply to the local authority in your place of residence for a residence permit within three months of entering the country.


The main condition for EU citizens to stay for more than three months is to have sufficient resources not to become a burden on the Belgian welfare system.


Documents to be produced: In support of an application for a registration certificate, in addition to the proof of their citizenshipEU citizens must therefore demonstrate that they have sufficient resources. Within three months of submitting their application, they must enclose the following proof, depending on the origin of their resources:


  • Employee : a declaration of employment or a certificate of employment
  • Self-employed : registration in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises with a company number and proof of affiliation to a social insurance fund for self-employed workers
  • Jobseeker (unemployed) : registration with the relevant employment service or copies of letters of application and proof of a real chance of being taken on (diplomas, professional training, length of period of unemployment, etc.)
  • "Annuitantpersons with their own resources: proof of these resources and of health insurance. 
  • Student : proof of enrolment at an organised, recognised or subsidised educational establishment, sickness insurance and a declaration of sufficient resources or any other equivalent means certifying that they have sufficient resources.


Residence permits : As soon as an application is submitted with proof of EU citizenship*, EU citizens are entered in the waiting register and issued with an Annex 19. A residence check is then carried out, after which the citizen is entered in the Aliens Register and issued with a registration certificate (residence permit, E card). EU citizens admitted for residence may work in Belgium without special authorisation.


The registration certificate is valid for a maximum of five years, renewable.


* By any means: passport or identity card, even if expired, or any other document proving identity and nationality.

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