Goffart en Fleur

The aim of the project is to make Goffart Street greener, friendlier and more pleasant by reducing the amount of rubbish at the foot of the trees! It is a small group of about ten neighbours who want to develop this project. A questionnaire was submitted to the neighbours on various proposals (bins, structures, plants on the facades, etc.). On the basis of these results, the collective proposes the planting of plants at the foot of the trees (8 trees in the street) with the installation of a small border (it ensures that the water is kept in and delimits the space) and low wooden barriers, the planting of plants on the facade (installation of a cable and protection of the foot of the plant at about 15 houses), the distribution of window boxes for balconies/windows, the installation of 5 planters in the street and the organisation of specific activities to involve more neighbours in the project (neighbourhood party, awareness-raising among neighbours and cleaning of the street/gardens).

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