Belgian Institutions

Federal state, communities and regions


  • The federal government: Senate and House of Representatives (FR/NL/EN/DE)
  • The Wallonia-Brussels Federation: government and parliament (FR)
  • The Walloon Region (capital: Namur) government and parliament (FR/NL/EN/DE/IT/ES)
  • The Brussels-Capital Region: government, parliament, COCOF (French Community Commission), Assembly of the French Community Commission, VGC, Flemish Community Commission (FR/NL/EN/DE/ES)
  • The Flemish Community (as the institutions of the Community and the Region have been merged, there is only one Flemish government and one Flemish council) (NL/FR/EN/DE)
  • The German-speaking Community: government and parliament (DE/FR/NL/EN)




The Brussels-Capital Region is removed from the division into provinces. > (FR/NL/EN)

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