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The area of Forest has a large difference in altitude between the very low west and the east, culminating at Altitude 100 (100 m), one of the highest points in the Brussels region. Between the two, the Forest and Duden parks mark a break. The landscape of the western part of Forest is dominated by the presence of industrial zones where the Audi Brussels factory is located (nearly 50 hectares). The east, on the other hand, as well as the area around the Duden Park, attracts a well-to-do population on the heights of the municipality.

The name Forest comes from Latin and refers to land reserved for the lord. The original village developed on a tributary of the Senne, the Geleysbeek. The historical heart of the municipality is located near the once powerful abbey and the church of St. Denis (then St. Helen's chapel). These two centres appeared in the 12th century, the century in which Forest was first mentioned. In the 19th century, two railway lines took over the whole area and transformed the west of Forest into an industrial suburb. 


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Photos : Pascal Abundes 

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