1083 Ganshoren

Ganshoren, THE GREEN LIP


Located to the north-east of the Koekelberg basilica, Ganshoren is a residential community marked by its rural past. Apart from the Avenue Charles Quint, it is rather quiet, largely made up of open avenues with trees, with the De Rivieren castle at its centre, a green jewel case, currently a venue for private events.


The etymology of the name of the municipality refers to the geese ('gans' in Dutch) and the marsh ('hore') or the hunting horn ('hoorn'). It was first mentioned in the 12th century. For a long time it was linked to Jette, but in 1841 the municipality separated from it. The development of the municipality first took place to the south-east, around the basilica, during the reign of Leopold II, at the end of the 19th century. The urbanisation of the commune did not really start until the 20th century. Initially linked to Flemish Brabant, it joined the bilingual region of Brussels in 1954.


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Photos : Pascal Abundes 

              Contact :         www.ganshoren.be          Avenue Charles Quint, 140 1083 Ganshoren T 02 465 12 77

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