Landline telephone

It is now possible to obtain a fixed line via cable without having to go through Proximus.


You can therefore choose your supplier freely.


Make sure you compare the different offers according to your usage profile. Packages that include calls to fixed numbers are very common (for approximately €20/month) but do not include calls to mobile numbers.


Price comparison site for various suppliers in energy, telephony, internet, TV, finance:

How to subscribe?
All operators offer online subscription systems, in their shops or via distributors. To ensure that all your connections are activated when you move in, start the subscription process at least 4 weeks in advance. The length of the subscription or connection procedures will depend on the services chosen and the equipment required.
Telephone & mobile internet
Belgium is not the cheapest country when it comes to telephony and mobile internet. Calling a foreign country from Belgium can seriously inflate your bill. If you call or surf from abroad, roaming charges have disappeared within the European area! (roaming = using your mobile package via the network of an operator other than the one to which you subscribe). However, roaming charges in other parts of the world are not regulated. They can go up very quickly.
Each operator offers a range of services and packages. However, it is advisable to carefully compare tariffs and conditions before choosing an operator. To obtain a subscription you can do so online or go to the point of sale of your choice with :
- An identity document
- Proof of address (an electricity bill, your lease, a bank statement,...)
- Your bank account number and IBAN code.
You can take out a monthly subscription or a pre-paid card system.

Apart from the traditional operators: Carrefour, Colruyt, Aldi, bPost, Mobile Viking... and many others offer you pre-paid cards. You can find them in supermarkets and newspaper shops as well as in post offices. From now on, operators are obliged to link every SIM card in the country to an identity document.

Mobile Internet has become extremely common. 4G is the mobile standard for ultra-fast Internet.
In April 2020, Proximus launched 5G in 30 municipalities across the country.
In order to connect to a mobile internet network, a portable modem (Mifi) can be purchased for about 50 euros. Up to 8 people can connect to this modem. On sale at Media Markt.
Your mobile phone or tablet, equipped with a SIM card, can also be a WIFI access point.



Subscription and list of distributors online.

T 0800 55 313 (EN)
T 0800 33 800 (FR) T 0800 22 800 (NL) (FR/EN/NL/DE)



Subscription and list of distributors online.
Rue Alsace Lorraine, 28 1050 Brussels
T 0800 800 25 (FR/NL/EN/DE) (FR/NL/EN/DE)



Shop. Subscription and list of distributors online.
Rue des Deux Eglises, 26 1000 Brussels
T 02 226 52 00 (FR/NL/EN) 
(Brochure FR/NL/EN)



Shops and distributors :
T 0800 668 01 (FR/NL) (EN/FR/NL)



Online subscription :
T 0800 84 000 (FR/NL) (FR/NL)


What you need to know: 


House alarms connected to a telephone monitoring system only work if they are connected to fixed telephone lines (Proximus only).

Any customer who is dissatisfied with his or her telecom operator can request the free intervention of the mediation service. (FR/NL/DE/EN)


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